from by Elder



angelic visions hewn in white
a relic sacred, gift divine
bathed in sallow golden light
piercing the vessels of mankind

who kneels before the mantle gold
projecting thoughts into the sphere
where light dissolved manipulates
the aeons cold austere

the inner chamber stands agape
the void benign and whispering
a feather carves a crescent path
age-hardened is giving in

the seeds we've sewn rising forth
the sons of trite and jealous birth
who wash their hands in blood and soil
a golden light an earthly toil


from Lore, released February 27, 2015
Nicholas DiSalvo - guitar, vocals
Matthew Couto - drums
Jack Donovan - bass



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Elder Massachusetts

Elder is a three-piece heavy psych band hailing from Boston, USA. Their lengthy songs are told as stories, unfolding and undulating across genre boundaries and into new kosmische territory.


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